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The ANFF is an open access network comprising of eight Nodes across 21 institutions with a portfolio of more than 500 tools valued at over $200 million.





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Welcome to ANFF Optofab ACT node




The Optofab ACT node is part of one of the eight nodes established by the ANFF under NCRIS (National Colaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy) to provide support for researchers and industry to access world class facilities in cutting edge technology. At Optofab ACT the focus areas are specialised optical coatings as a full ANFF servce and precision full custom optics, chips, Integrated devices and systems as at cost services not currently subsidised by ANFF but made available at ANFF rates. We are a service provider aiming to make parts or sub-systems to customer supplied specifications, and as such do not rent our tools to users as the degree of training and knowledge to do this is not practical.


The eight ANFF nodes across Australia boost on existing infrastructure and expertise in various field of advanced materials, nano-electronics, semiconductors, photonics and bio-nano applications. Our facility targets optical coatings technologies and can deliver specialist products to its customers at highly competitive prices with shorter lead times to empower researchers, academics, start-ups and industries.


Dedicated highly experienced and specialist staff are available to provide services and technical support whenever needed.



Our facilities, hosted within the Laser Physics Centre, are equipped with state of art research facilities which enable the research and fabrication of macro, micro and nano electronics/photonics devices primarily focused on glassy materials of many types and metal/crystal elements for diamond turned optics.


The facility is located within the same building as the ANFF ACT node (as of October 2021 a new state of the art ballroom clean room), and the flagship equipment and services available include Veeco Spector IBS coating system, Research IBS system, dedicated vacuum deposition systems for Chalcogenide materials, DC sputtering of metals, Filmtek 4000 and elipsometry measurement tools for thin films, Projection and contact optical lithography tools, ICP etching, Nano imprint Lithography and Hot Embossing, and a wide range of optical metrology systems. The capabilities are being continually extended by purchasing or building additional state of the art processing and metrology equipment enabling further R&D in micro and nano technologies.


Apart from the ANFF ACT and ANFF Optofab ACT facilities, we also have easy access to two well-known world class ANU research facilities, Electronics Materials Engineering and The Laser Physics Centre.











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