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The ANFF is an open access network comprising of eight Nodes across 21 institutions with a portfolio of more than 500 tools valued at over $200 million.






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Welcome to ANFF Optofab ACT


Our Mission


"To deliver precision full custom optics, coatings, chips, and systems to customer specifications with short lead times and at a palatable price to empower researchers, start-ups, and industrial users in rapid iterations of experimental setups and/or product development cycles.


We also aspire to be a focal point for coatings expertise, knowledge and information dissemination for the national interest."


We are a service provider that aims to give you what you need for your R&D with minimal required involvement on your side beyond the full specifications, and we operate much more on this basis than simply hiring out our tools by the hour which is impractical for the vast majority of requests…


Please browse our website (especially our Tools and Capabilities section and the three service types sections) and feel free to contact us regarding any of our services, processes and capabilities and how they may be of benefit to your research, project or device/material development.


We look forward to working with you soon.


Steve Madden


Optofab ACT status and update

Major Tool Status:
Veeco Spector – operational

Moore Nanotech UPL-250 - operational

Other coating tools undergoing rebuild/commissioning

Other tools for integrated optics chip fabrication by request


ANFF Optofab ACT staff are currently on a slow staged return to work following the COVID-19 shutdown. Please feel free to contact us if you have any projects that you feel can be delivered by ANFF Optofab. In addition, ANFF Optofab ACT staff will be available on Zoom if you want to discuss your project or new research plans.



A/Prof Steve Madden

  Node Leader and Acting Node Manager


Sukanta Debbarma

 Node Lead Technical Officer


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